The Mighty Kiboko!

An interesting thing about being out in the bush is that strange opportunities often arise! In this case, we were offered a chance to buy this monster, a unimog we have christened Kiboko ("Hippo" in Swahili). A very kind couple offered Kiboko to Creatura for a song so we grabbed it for work in the Olderkesi Conservancy. Kiboko is a workhorse, able to get places many other vehicles can't, and will function as a mobile ranger ops base, community transit, an ambulance for injured wildlife/elephants. Kiboko will be maintained and watched over by Cottar's Wildlife Conservation Trust, but we can use help to keep her moving, especially fuel and maintenance expenses, as well as a dedicated driver (it's easy to thrash a vehicle out in the bush and we'd like to have one person on hand her knows her ins and outs!) Donate towards Kiboko's maintenance fund and get your name painted on her side! 

Creatura's Chris Mahoney and guide Lucy taking a trial spin in Kiboko.