Simple Things Make Big Differences

When I was at the Olderkesi Conservancy in late January, I went with Cottar's Wildlife Conservation Trust (CWCT) and various members of the local Maasai to look at an area that was to have a water trough fed by a nearby spring placed there. While there are several streams on the Olderkesi Conservancy, they were being damaged by cattle, sheep, and goats drinking from it, killing the supporting vegetation and causing terrible erosion that would end up killing the stream. CWCT quickly built a trough and when I returned two weeks ago it was already done and in operation. It provides a vital drinking source for animals as well as pipes for people to collect much needed water, while leaving the streams free for wildlife to drink from. Always good to see a plan quickly implemented and having a positive effect!

The trough with sheep gratefully having a long cool drink

Ranger Washon with a young Maasai boy at the trough collecting water.