Saving wildlife means more than rescuing species...

Saving iconic species is massively important...but what then? Once you've studied them, tracked them, researched them, and tried to eliminate threats against them, then what? How do you save wildlife when it has no where to go? The truth is most habitable land is increasingly taken up by human expansion, and by people who have very little interest in maintaining wildlife populations because the land needs to be viable for them via crops/food harvesting, industry, or settlement (not to mention keeping areas safe for their families). This leads to human wildlife conflict and wild habitat dwindling to the point of ecological collapse. How do you stop THAT? Tourism is one model, but it's not working ENOUGH as evidenced by crashing wildlife populations despite heroic efforts. It's only one piece of a larger puzzle. How can a new conservancy model work? That's what I'm in Kenya to find out...and I'm heartened. We will be rolling out more info on a innovative plan that is being implemented here in Kenya and we'll show you to get your donations into projects that demonstrably work very soon! Stay tuned!

Needed: room to roam... protected parks are great- but what more can we do?


It's not just individuals that need help- but entire ecosystems that included all types of life.