Save Our Seals

Hi there!  We have started looking for local NW wildlife conservation efforts to add to our roster and have just donated money to Seal Sitters. Having lived on Alki Beach for years I (Kirsten) have seen first hand how committed they are to both education of the public and the safety of the seal pups who rest on our shores- right in our beautiful city! This service is SO needed as people want to "save" pups they think are lost (they aren't!) or let their dogs run rampant on the beach causing conflict with the wildlife. Seal Sitters quickly sets up perimeters around pups to keep the public away so as not to scare or stress the pups or the seal moms who are fishing offshore. But they also have someone on hand to keep an eye on things and to talk about sea life with anyone who asks, as well as providing binoculars to folks to view the animals. It's a pretty great thing. You can learn more here:
Thank you to Creatura donors who assisted in this donation!