Our new team member!

Hey everyone- I want to introduce you to an exceptional person I met in Kenya the past few weeks who is now involved with Creatura Wildlife Projects. This is Nabiki "Lucy" Takona, and she is one of the only female Maasai guides in Kenya! I met her when she was interviewing for a position at Cottar's 1920's Camp and I was stuck by her poise, charm, and general bad ass-ness. They couldn't take her on even though they wanted her because they had enough guides, so I offered to have Creatura sponsor her for a year, as she seemed like such an amazing asset and was working so hard to rise in her field (which is almost exclusively male dominated). In fact she is going for her Silver level guide certification this month which is really a big deal. She's an incredible lady. She will be helping Creatura out with updates about her life and adventures in the field! Thrilled to know you Lucy! (You can follow Lucy's adventures by signing up on our mailing list or staying tuned on our blog or IG.)