It begins...

Kenya's Olderkesi Conservancy's intrepid wildlife rangers! These are the guys working in the field every day to do everything from thwarting poaching to illegal land use. 

Creatura's first project is working with the Masai Mara's newest conservancy in Olderkesi, located in Kenya near the border of Tanzania. In fact, Creatura's whole story started in that very spot, when I was traveling and stayed at Cottar's 1920's Camp. There I met not only the amazing Calvin Cottar (the dude in the light baseball hat standing behind his team) whose fearless and non-stop dedication to wildlife conservation and helping the community in his area was absolutely inspiring (more on HIM later) but also Chris Mahoney, a fellow American who'd been working in Kenya for 8 years. Finding many similarities we became fast friends and the seeds of Creatura were sown. 

This week I'm heading out to Kenya and using the Olderkesi Conservancy as a base for research, to find out what's going on and how best we can be helpful. I'll be posting field updates here and on our Instagram! @creatura_wild.