Greetings From The Field!

Less than a year ago I decided to leave my career as an art dealer to pursue my passion for wildlife conservation. I had made some great friends in the wildlife world and I was emboldened by, well, frankly, how terrible things seemed to be getting. But I also realized that beyond that bad news was a whole world of really fantastic people working hard to save our planet. I saw that the world needed not another wildlife conservation group struggling to meet it's own ends, but a support system, someone who was willing to jump around and fill in any "cracks"- someone to help with funding, pr boosts, training needs, supplies, just generally assisting and connecting dots in whatever way best needed, to help people already doing the hard work on the ground. I was excited and heartened by how many people I knew in the art and creative worlds who felt the same- people who wanted to help but felt that they couldn't contribute anything of financial substance, or just unsure where their money would be best spent. I found many people were coming to me for advice about it, knowing I had already explored those things and had "opinions". I wanted to share that yes, actually just $5 actually did make a difference. And larger amounts could yield tangible results, not just get lost in a pool of admin costs and "awareness campaigns". The result of all this is Creatura. Creatura is a conduit between people and between idealogical worlds, in order to help save the one we all share. The world is still a beautiful place, full of wondrous creatures. We won't let it end. Join us in whatever way you can and be part of this journey! We need YOU to make it work! ~ Kirsten