Bridging The Gap

We had a great visit with Harmon Parker the other day, founder of the incredible non-profit Bridging The Gap. An American living in Kenya the past 25 years, Harmon was moved by stories of how many people in small villages were lost to dangerous rivers each year (in the area where we were in that was 5-10 people each year!) so he decided to do something about it...he built his first bridge in 1997 and has since built over 50! Communities ask for assistance and help build the bridge and then are given ownership of it at its completion...these bridges not only help prevent drowning but also ensure that communities have access to medical and educational facilities that they might otherwise not. Harmon was voted one of CNN's Heroes and we are very honored to know this excellent human!

Harmon Parker on one of the bridges he made here in the Olderkesi Conservancy, we tagged along as he did a maintenance check.

Maasai crossing their brand new bridge (photo from Bridge The Gap)